I arrived in Minneapolis after living in New York City for 5 years.  New York provided great exposure to many creative ways to style hair.  I learned a lot from my clients and co-workers and I also added my own techniques to those I saw around me.

Before New York, I spent several years as a stylist in Italy.  Just like New York, the Italians have their own creative way of doing things.  And they enjoy what they're doing!  I hope you will enjoy the atmosphere in my salon as if you were in Italy.

And before that, I grew up in Guinea.  That's where I picked up my starting knowledge of doing African Hair Braiding.  I know what goes into doing hair right.  I grew up with it.

By the way, I speak Italian, French, English, and Mandingo so we can have a lot to talk about!

So now I'm here!  I love being here and I love what I do!  I hope you become one of my valued customers.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about my shop!